Books that change
the lives of millions
      come perhaps
      once in several lifetimes

This is such a book.

Within these pages, you will discover an easy, simple way to enrich your life — and the life of everyone you know.

You will see why, when you change the world in this way, the ripples are felt by people you don't even know — ultimately, making the world a better place.

Yes, You Can Change the World comes to the world at probably one of the most critical junctures of our history. Join the journey. Ignite the revolution. Because, yes, together we can — and must — change the world.

What Others Are Saying —

"I was really impressed with your work, Aman. I have been to many workshops and have worked with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Caroline Myss — many, many best-selling authors and I felt like I was exploring a deeper area of learning."

SB, Scottsdale, AZ

"Our group has had the pleasure of hearing many excellent speakers including Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra MD, both tops in their respective fields. I would like to add that Aman Motwane is in a class by himself."

Dr. Erwin Jay, Richmond Heights, OH

"I pull in material from current authors and teachers, such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Aman Motwane, and Alan Cohen."

Rev Nancy Worth, Unity North Atlanta, GA

"Thank you for sharing this precious jewel with the world. This profound parable is presented with brilliant clarity and simplicity, and also reveals a beauty at depth that results from letting us see the lesson from the eyes of both the student and teacher. This book offers wisdom and a great spiritual practice for everyone."

Rev Skip Regan, Apple Valley, CA

"It has the kind of wisdom communicated with simple elegance that I associate with Aman and think of as his special gift. I think this book will be a blessing to more people than we can imagine — that ripple effect! My church's bookstore manager read it too and described it as ‘awesome.’"

Joanne Blum, Pickerington, OH

"I can see this being a movie!!! There are so many people who experience the same situation as the main character (son) and this will be very healing for them. It is such a great way to get a message. Aman is an excellent writer, very creative."

Ernestine Griffin, Ann Arbor, MI

"I love working with this material."

Aliza Bloom, Lee's Summit, MO

"As with all of Aman's work it is excellent! All I can say is AWESOME to the book."

Ralph Grzecki, Milwaukee, WI

"The book is wonderful. It is very easy to read, the stories are compelling, and I love how Aman makes it so very easy for people to actually practice the new perspectives."

Patricia Keel, Berkeley, CA

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More than just another book

Yes, You Can Change the World is more than just another book. It's an international movement. It's a revolution.

This is the story behind the revolution.

When Aman Motwane first started sharing the extraordinary story contained in the book, audiences around the world inundated him with requests for a written copy. He hastily assembled a brief version in the form of a small booklet.

The rush for the booklets, each held together by a single staple, started almost immediately. Word of mouth fueled the flame. Early readers were moved by the powerful insights sprinkled throughout the story. They were touched by the prospect of not only transforming their own lives but transforming the whole world as well.

Ripples of Word-of-Mouth

Within months of publication, as the booklets passed from hand to hand, friend to friend, family member to family member, team leader to team member, church to congregation, nearly fifty thousand copies were snapped up.

It wasn't long before Aman started receiving call after call, e-mail after e-mail to publish the full version of his acclaimed parable. The result is this simple but powerful book.

The Birth of a Revolution

At his public presentations, Aman used to hand out simple postcards to those who wanted to practice the insights revealed in the parable — and make a difference in the lives of everyone around them.

Those who received these postcards proudly displayed them in picture frames on their walls, in their scrap books, on their refrigerator doors. They were so moved that they wanted others to share in their experience and sent out postcards and e-mails of their own.

This led Aman to set up a special web site so that people could easily and quickly send out ripples of heart-moving messages — and then, watch their ripples intersect with each other and build upon each other — and, in this way, change the world.

And thus the Revolution was born.

Yes, You Can Change the World - Join the Revolution

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