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A Challenge

You are ready to go change your world — and the world.

You now understand that yes, you can change the world. You understand that changing the world is free. That it doesn't cost you a thing. That it doesn't require you to do anything.

It's time for you to take your understanding and start living it, breathing it and sharing it.

And that is the challenge I'm giving you.

I'm challenging you to start a ripple that reaches to the far corners of the world. I'm challenging you to go change the world.

In recent months, I've shared the parable in this book with a large variety of people across the globe — college students, business leaders, churchgoers, members of professional associations and fans of talk radio and talk television. And I've noticed something amazing happening in people just like you everywhere.

More and more people are accepting the challenge to go out and change the world. More and more people are eager and excited about truly making a difference in the world. More and more people are getting swept up in the anticipation and excitement of creating a bright new future together.

I believe we have reached an inflection point where more people than ever before not only want to but need to change the world.

To help make this whole process a lot easier and a lot faster, I have put together a simple web site.

The world wide web is a tremendous way to create a powerful ripple of change that truly reaches far and wide. It is a very efficient way, a very fast way.

Imagine the impact as others just like you all over the world, who are on the same journey, also use this web site.

The ripples you start will eventually come together with the ripples that others start. They will connect and intersect. In this way, they will strengthen each other and perpetuate each other. And the whole world will change for the better.

Go to the following web site right now and you'll see almost immediately how it all works:

Yes, You Can Change the World - Join the Revolution

One of the really nice features of this web site is that you can browse other people's pages and learn from their growth and evolution. Be prepared to be deeply moved and touched.

In closing, we all come into this world with nothing. We all leave this world with nothing.

When we leave, all our symbols of success, all our possessions, all our acquisitions eventually become old, deteriorated, depleted or forgotten.

The only things that stay alive, long after we're gone, are the relationships we create, the connections we make.

The only things that remain eternal are the memories we forged with everyone we encountered.

Our legacy is not our accomplishments or our possessions. It is the quality of our relationships.

Sooner or later, we all have to ask ourselves — Did I create fond memories or bitter memories?

We all have to ask ourselves — In every encounter, in every interaction, in every connection, did I make the world better or worse?

We all have to ask ourselves — What kind of person am I if I do not help make this world better?

Aman Motwane

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